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Police Brutality in Chicago

Via Shakesville.

TW police brutality

"For legal reasons, I’ve been advised not to discuss the details of my own arrest, but I feel compelled to report at least this: I saw the police deliberately and strategically escalate peaceful protests into violent confrontations. Standing in line outside Police H.Q. on Friday morning, waiting with the others to reclaim our confiscated possessions, I met a young Hispanic man with missing teeth, bloody eyes, and bruises all over his face. Inside Police H.Q., I watched a young woman finally retrieve her handbag from the police storeroom, only to find all the money missing from inside. This is the price Americans pay for engaging in acts of civil disobedience.

At the outset of the march, I gave the police the benefit of the doubt. While other protesters chanted, “This is what a police state looks like,” I preferred the cheer of solidarity, “Police are the 99 percent.” I was operating under the assumption that the police are fundamentally keepers of the peace; that if I did everything the police told me to do, I was in no danger of being arrested; that as long as I remained non-violent, the police would protect my rights as an American citizen to protest peacefully in a public space. It turns out that America is not that kind of country. I grieve now for the America I thought I lived in.”

TW police brutality

OK, this is a good start. I wonder who the second officer is who was placed on leave, besides Lt. Pike.

Trigger warning: police violence

Description: Occupy Oakland, night time, a plaza/street. The camera pans across a line of police officers in what looks like riot gear, and a male voice asks a few times, “Is this okay?” The police officers are standing still, in a line. The camera looks to be about 10-20 feet back from the officers. In the background, a different male voice shouts, “March all over this, I dare you! March all over this!” As the camera pans down the line of police officers, one of them fires a projectile weapon at the cameraman. The man drops the camera and, in the background, makes noises of pain and says, “He shot me!”

From Shakesville and ThinkProgress, who report that it was a rubber bullet.

This is so, so not acceptable in a free society.