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This seems like a good time to point out this blog post by Sciatrix, which discusses a paper that found that the average age of first sexual attraction, in heterosexuals and homosexuals, was 10. Standard deviation was about 3-4. I’ll quote her about the implications:

For the curious, that means that of the people who eventually go on to experience sexual attraction, 84% of them will have done so by age 13, and 97.6% of them will have done so by age 16. Those are some absurdly high numbers. What, given that, makes people think that teenagers are unlikely to be aware of what their sexual orientation is? If you’re not experiencing sexual attraction and 97% of your peers have done so, don’t you think that you’d notice that something was perhaps a little off?

I am now more than four standard deviations away from the mean. According to Wikipedia, 99.994% of the population generally falls within four standard deviations. The expected frequency outside of this range is 1 in 15,787. (Extrapolating is harder in the tails, of course, but it’s still interesting.) Why, exactly, should I be holding off on identifying my sexual orientation in case of an event that has a less than 1 in 15,000 chance of happening?

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